Sunday, August 4, 2013

2nd photowalk: High Street (072213)

Sorry for the title hahaha I know I need to think of something creative next time! Also, I had to include the date 'cause this is an overdue post. I'm having a hard time managing my time between my school works & personal life so I wasn't able to post anything new this past few days. 

For our 2nd plate, we followed Leah's suggestion to go to BGC after class. We rode the PNR (2nd time for me! Haha) and 2 or 3 jeeps I think. We also passed by SM Aura and I really want to go back there and explore the new mall. Hahaha

Not really a new set of people but 2 of our friends from our 1st shoot at MOA didn't join us in our 2nd photowalk :( (l-r) Chummy, Eira, Aviette, Czandra, Yanni & Leah! Ugh I wish someone (or I) brought a tripod so that we can have a decent group picture hahaha

Of course we did a lot of walking & picture takings. So typical of us hahahaha

Milk tea fix at Happy Lemon 'cause we got tired and hungry from walking around. 

Photo from Leah

Then continued our journey (oa) hahaha. Look, that's me in action!

Looking creepy hahaha photo from Leah again :)

Thank you so much guys for making my day again (yie clingy). Now I'm waiting for our 3rd photowalk! 


  1. Oh my god this just made me want milk tea soooo bad. That's what I get for surfing blogs at 2 AM!!! Ha ha! Looks like you had fun!

    love, polly

    the littlest polly

  2. yess. finally. :)) huhu, me jealous with your 'blog logo' favbar ba yan?? i also want to change mine.

  3. Your photos came out nicely! I love going for walks with my friends and we also always end up at a place for drinks. We usually end up getting smoothies or tea. :D

    1. friendly ni Audrey. nagcomment din siya sakin. hihi.:))

  4. lovely photos!