Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspire Me Monday: Small Bedroom Ideas

I'm actually sharing a bedroom with my brother but since we're pretty grown ups now, we both want to have our very own rooms. We told our parents about this yesterday and I'm so happy that they also want the idea and my mom's unexpectedly excited about it! Lol

Even though it's going to be a small room, I'm super duper eager to decorate it on my own! I even told my mom that I want to paint it myself and she said yes. I can't keep my excitement so I already searched (I actually saved these photos before for future reference) for bedroom ideas and I just had to blog about this! Hahahahahaha

All photos are not mine, I just got them either from Tumblr or Pinterest :)

1. Workspace 

Since I'm an (self-proclaimed) artist, I want my workspace to be the highlight of my room. I want it to be so inspiring that I wouldn't mind working there 24/7. I'm telling you that's possible! Haha

Though I'm not yet sure if I'll go for something clean and modern or

Girly with a touch of Vintage feel. 

Help me choose! Honestly, this entire blog post obviously shouts a big "HELP ME CHOOSE PRETTY PLEASE!" Hahaha

2. Wall Art

What I'm actually excited the most in decorating my room! I want my wall art to reflect everything about me. Like my love for inspiring words, travel, photography, fashion & everything else. Thankfully I found some really cool ideas that I'd like to put up on my future room.

Maps & lights are definitely a must! Though I need to find high quality lights that won't put my room on fire while I'm sleeping hahaha

Oh, I need to choose a really inspiring quote too! Also, floral designs are another must because I love them so much! 

3. Hanging Cabinets

Since it's just a small room, I want to make the most of all the spaces. I'd like to use hanging cabinets for it to look more organized and to prevent clutter. 

I can even put additional decorations there and my book collection <3 As for my bed, I wouldn't mind using sofabed 'cause it won't take up much space and I can even turn that into a sofa or bed anytime. 

Can you feel my excitement now? Hahahaha I can't wait for this week to end ('cause it's our exam week) so I can draw my final room plan. Say hi to my inner interior-designer self!


  1. i also have this kind of post in my drafts. omg ye, great minds think alike. ang late ko nga lang. hihi. and yes thank you, i received your message. so sweet. :""">

  2. I love lights like that, it has a romantic feel to it.


  3. I love this post, so much inspiration and cute ideas! I would have a hard time to choose from these, because they're all lovely but I'm sure you'll come up with something even greater! Can't wait to see the result :)

    btw, just stumbled in to your blog for the first time and I think it's really cute!!
    Have a good day sweetheart! ♥