Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pandas (!!!) of Ocean Park Hong Kong

When we were planning our Hong Kong trip, we were torn if we should visit Disneyland or Ocean Park but we ended up going to both attractions! Haha. Disneyland is more child-friendly while the rides at Ocean Park are definitely more extreme. Me being very afraid of heights, I opted to sit out on some of the rollercoasters. What I enjoyed the most were the pandas!
I forgot how camera shy the pandas were not until I was browsing all the pictures and I can't find any photo that they are looking straight ahead lol

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My First Disneyland Experience | photodump

According to the right timeline of events, I'm supposed to be writing about my Universal Studios Singapore trip last year but I figured it's such a waste to not post something about my first Disneyland experience in Oct 2017 (not to mention - my first out of the country trip).

So going back 17 months from now, I'm at happiest place on earth 💖! We booked our discounted tickets from Klook (I've also used this on almost all of the attractions we went to in Hong Kong & Singapore, as well as some local destinations).
I'm not sure how anyone can get a decent picture here lol always expect a crowd especially this one's a very famous attraction in Hong Kong. We went early - right before opening time but a lot of people were there already.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Coron, Palawan: My favorite place in the Philippines + 4-day itinerary

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I will compile the highlights of my 2018 next but I decided to create separate posts as I would really like to share as much details and photos as I can 😀 This time last year, I went to Coron with two of my high school friends. Coron is actually a very famous tourist destination in the country. Those with limited time in Palawan are torn between Coron & El Nido. Personally, I prefer Coron (I still haven't been to El Nido but I'll visit in less than 2 months!!!) because the town is quieter and less touristy compared to the latter.

Day 1

Our flight was 5:50am - not complaining as I love early flights, I feel like I'm able to make most of the day if I start early. We flew directly from Manila to Busuanga Airport (Francis B. Reyes Airport) in Coron. Some people opted to fly to Puerto Princesa but it's time consuming. It's more suitable if you would visit Puerto Princesa first, then El Nido before going to Coron by boat.
We arrived before check-in time but fortunately, the reception allowed us to leave our things first so we can explore the town and eat. Later in the afternoon, we went out to explore Mt. Tapyas. I don't consider it as a hike as there are concrete stairs all the way to the top where a huge cross is situated.
We watched the sunset and the view from the top was amazing.