Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm currently enrolled in NSTP class this school year and one of the requirements is to go on a fieldwork. Our first trip was last Sunday (08252013) at Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo City. It was actually my 1st time to join a tree planting activity and that experience was too short; the land travel was even longer than the activity itself. :( We're only required to plant 5 trees per person.

Our call time was 6:30 am, too early but I was there on time! Hahaha we left our school at 7:00 after waiting for the others to arrive. I've been to Antipolo City for a couple of times already with the family so I know that it's not that far from Manila.

Here are the photos I took using my phone so excuse the quality.

  1.  Arrived at the location. My phone can't detect signals already but the place was beautiful- green everywhere!
  2. Kuya taught us how to plant properly. It's really funny when my prof saw that I brought huge plastic spoons instead of hand trowel. 
  3. My NSTP classmates planting everywhere. I forgot to bring gloves so I used my bare hands haha it's okay though because hello experience! Hahaha
  4. Junice & Bianca! I think this was our first plant so they're still helping each other. 
  5. People from other class crossing a stream. Their shoes got really wet! 
  6. Cleaning our tools. Look at Bianca holding the spoon that I brought hahaha :)
I also grabbed photos from Bianca's facebook:
(1) Bianca, Me, Eira & Junice (2) Bianca & Me (3) Kuya assisting me while going down that slope, it's scary!

It was a really fun & fulfilling day that I want to experience again. We should always do our best to protect Mother Nature because just like what Gary Snyder said: "Nature is not a place to visit. It is home". 


  1. Oh I miss my NSTP days. Hahaha

    Visit my blog? :)

  2. This is a great thing you're doing, and it looks really fun too! Thanks for your lovely comment:)