Thursday, August 22, 2013

If not now, when?

I've been stuck at home for almost a week now because of typhoon Maring. As much as I'd like to join voluntary works, I can't, because my parents won't allow me to go out because of the inconsistent and unpredictable weather.

So I just decided to make this day productive since I think classes will already resume tomorrow. I woke up early only to find out that it was still raining. Oh how I miss mr. sun! 

I don't know if you can see it but the rain was pretty hard when I took these photos. 

I exercised right after I woke up. Thank God for good music, I was able to finish my 20-minute goal hahahaha

That doesn't sound so biggie but I really exerted all the courage and efforts to get up from my super comfortable bed + the fact that it was raining so hello bed weather!

My lola bought me my all time favorite "Taho" so I was even more motivated to finish my (exercise) goal so I can finally drink this <3333 Hay heaven though it wasn't that sweet from what I am used to drink before.

Other things I did today: Watched "The Perfect Storm", bonded with my childhood friends, answered my online exams for my NSTP subject and wrote & posted this blog entry! Proudly productive girl over here! Hahahaha

And here's the book I'm currently reading:

Hope you had a productive day! Remember, if not now, when? :) 


  1. Yay for being productive, now... I only remember me eating and walking around this whole day!

    1. Hahahaha I know how it feels to just eat and walk around whole day! Hahahaha

  2. These photographs are lovely!

  3. ohhh tahoooooo...forever childhood favorite.. miss that