Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a while, La Mesa Ecopark

I forgot when was exactly the last time I visited this park (maybe 4-6 years ago?) so I always ask my parents to go there again to see if there's anything new. And since I have a new requirement for photography, I told them that the park is the exact place I need for shooting. Hahahaha wise, eh?

As expected, the place is greener than ever! Trees all over the pace, flowers blooming everywhere and people wandering around enjoying the fresh air. Though I got a lot of mosquito bites so don't forget to use insect repellant lotion if you go there.

 It was an unplanned visit so we didn't prepare that much (like snacks, water or extra clothes). We just bought ourselves, my camera & a tripod (that we didn't able to use so no complete family picture :( )

Dad, Mom & Mig (my assistants loljk!)

Just like what I said, we went there for me to accomplish my photography plates but at the same time, I took A LOT of their pictures! And as expected, I don't have any pictures on my camera 'cause they didn't even bother to borrow it and take my photo huhu but thankfully, my mom's using my tablet and she did took some of my pictures hahaha

me in low quality pictures action hahahaha!

I was quiet disappointed that they closed the boating area 'cause that's what I missed the most in the park. I dunno if it is temporary but the previously small river there is already full of (wild?) plants. But all in all, it is still a really nice place to unwind. It feels like you're not in Manila but in a province with clean air and green surroundings! 

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