Friday, July 19, 2013

Golden hour x Fun shoot: Mall of Asia

Last week, our photography prof gave us our very 1st plate so we decided to have a fun shoot at Mall of Asia. I felt really excited because I thought we're going to ride the MOA eye (it's on my 2013 bucketlist and I just can't wait to cross it out) lol. We didn't able to try it though but I definitely had a great time with them!

Say hi to my ever so lovely friends (Chummy, Leah, Eira, Yooan & Derrick)

Our first plate is about Motion & Illusion photography. We went to the ice rink first hoping to get some good shots of the skaters. I think I got a decent one but I will just upload it when my grade for that photo comes out haha

Then we realized it was almost *Golden hour* (1st & last hour of sunlight) so we went outside right away to chase the sun!

We stayed on the bridge for a long time trying to capture the view. But Eira, Yooan & Derrick had to go first because they should be home early. 

Part 2 please!!!!! We're so cute hihihi

The three of us stayed until 7, I think. We really want to try the rides there but unfortunately, we don't have any money left. We shall go back there next time and try them all okay? Hahaha!

P.S. last 4 group shots from Leah & Chummy thanks girlies


  1. looks fun!! you have lovely blog!

  2. that's a fun assignment for photography! cute blog:)

  3. Nice and cool photography!
    I really miss MOA :(

    I love your blog. ❤️:)

    Kisses frm aly :)