Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mano Po, San Roque festival: Valenzuela City

It's not my 1st time to experience the festival, actually, we watch the parade every year! My mother was from Valenzuela so we have relatives there. Hahaha

In their city, San Roque is known as the Patron Saint of the unmarried so devotees from different parts of the country (& even foreigners) join the "Sayawan sa Calle" hoping to find their true love.

Also, there's a street dance competition from different barangays. Here are some of the groups I was able to take pictures of:

Even if you already found your *partner*, just try to visit and watch the event next year. Emerge yourself in others' colorful & rich culture without going too far away from Manila! By the way, the festival is celebrated every 12th of May.

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