Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm currently enrolled in NSTP class this school year and one of the requirements is to go on a fieldwork. Our first trip was last Sunday (08252013) at Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo City. It was actually my 1st time to join a tree planting activity and that experience was too short; the land travel was even longer than the activity itself. :( We're only required to plant 5 trees per person.

Our call time was 6:30 am, too early but I was there on time! Hahaha we left our school at 7:00 after waiting for the others to arrive. I've been to Antipolo City for a couple of times already with the family so I know that it's not that far from Manila.

Here are the photos I took using my phone so excuse the quality.

  1.  Arrived at the location. My phone can't detect signals already but the place was beautiful- green everywhere!
  2. Kuya taught us how to plant properly. It's really funny when my prof saw that I brought huge plastic spoons instead of hand trowel. 
  3. My NSTP classmates planting everywhere. I forgot to bring gloves so I used my bare hands haha it's okay though because hello experience! Hahaha
  4. Junice & Bianca! I think this was our first plant so they're still helping each other. 
  5. People from other class crossing a stream. Their shoes got really wet! 
  6. Cleaning our tools. Look at Bianca holding the spoon that I brought hahaha :)
I also grabbed photos from Bianca's facebook:
(1) Bianca, Me, Eira & Junice (2) Bianca & Me (3) Kuya assisting me while going down that slope, it's scary!

It was a really fun & fulfilling day that I want to experience again. We should always do our best to protect Mother Nature because just like what Gary Snyder said: "Nature is not a place to visit. It is home". 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

If not now, when?

I've been stuck at home for almost a week now because of typhoon Maring. As much as I'd like to join voluntary works, I can't, because my parents won't allow me to go out because of the inconsistent and unpredictable weather.

So I just decided to make this day productive since I think classes will already resume tomorrow. I woke up early only to find out that it was still raining. Oh how I miss mr. sun! 

I don't know if you can see it but the rain was pretty hard when I took these photos. 

I exercised right after I woke up. Thank God for good music, I was able to finish my 20-minute goal hahahaha

That doesn't sound so biggie but I really exerted all the courage and efforts to get up from my super comfortable bed + the fact that it was raining so hello bed weather!

My lola bought me my all time favorite "Taho" so I was even more motivated to finish my (exercise) goal so I can finally drink this <3333 Hay heaven though it wasn't that sweet from what I am used to drink before.

Other things I did today: Watched "The Perfect Storm", bonded with my childhood friends, answered my online exams for my NSTP subject and wrote & posted this blog entry! Proudly productive girl over here! Hahahaha

And here's the book I'm currently reading:

Hope you had a productive day! Remember, if not now, when? :) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ARTsy Tuesday: Meet Talia!

Since it's my free day today, I decided to practice with watercolors! My professor once told us that it's one of the hardest media ever and I just couldn't argue with her. It requires a lot of patience, practice and willingness to learn. 

By the way, her name's Talia (meaning: flowering; gentle dew drops from heaven) I even searched for a pretty name that starts with letter T (because her hair color is "T"eal) hahaha

I know I still need to improve that's why I'm practicing :) But what do you think guys? Hahaha

Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspire Me Monday: Small Bedroom Ideas

I'm actually sharing a bedroom with my brother but since we're pretty grown ups now, we both want to have our very own rooms. We told our parents about this yesterday and I'm so happy that they also want the idea and my mom's unexpectedly excited about it! Lol

Even though it's going to be a small room, I'm super duper eager to decorate it on my own! I even told my mom that I want to paint it myself and she said yes. I can't keep my excitement so I already searched (I actually saved these photos before for future reference) for bedroom ideas and I just had to blog about this! Hahahahahaha

All photos are not mine, I just got them either from Tumblr or Pinterest :)

1. Workspace 

Since I'm an (self-proclaimed) artist, I want my workspace to be the highlight of my room. I want it to be so inspiring that I wouldn't mind working there 24/7. I'm telling you that's possible! Haha

Though I'm not yet sure if I'll go for something clean and modern or

Girly with a touch of Vintage feel. 

Help me choose! Honestly, this entire blog post obviously shouts a big "HELP ME CHOOSE PRETTY PLEASE!" Hahaha

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The start of our Analog Adventure

Leah is a really big fan of film cameras even before we attended this workshop. Every time we go to malls, she & Chummy always drag me to Team Manila's shop just to look at the beautiful Lomo cams and to inquire about them. At first, I was hesitant if I want to have one- because I have a lot of things to save money for and I just can't decide which one to buy first. 

The official ticket of the workshop

As we keep on checking different outlets of Team Manila, I realized that I also want my own Lomo cam- but not now. I will first buy my dream 50mm lens then I'll use my other savings for shopping (lol say hi to my inner fashion-conscious self). 

Hahahaha so back to the original topic of this blog post, we (Leah & I) attended a Lomography workshop at Cafe de Seoul (Taft) last July 27. It was an interactive workshop so we're not just listening but also trying the different DIY tips from the speaker- they even provided the materials we used! 

My table during the event (Forgive me for low quality pictures, I just used my tablet's camera)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

2nd photowalk: High Street (072213)

Sorry for the title hahaha I know I need to think of something creative next time! Also, I had to include the date 'cause this is an overdue post. I'm having a hard time managing my time between my school works & personal life so I wasn't able to post anything new this past few days. 

For our 2nd plate, we followed Leah's suggestion to go to BGC after class. We rode the PNR (2nd time for me! Haha) and 2 or 3 jeeps I think. We also passed by SM Aura and I really want to go back there and explore the new mall. Hahaha

Not really a new set of people but 2 of our friends from our 1st shoot at MOA didn't join us in our 2nd photowalk :( (l-r) Chummy, Eira, Aviette, Czandra, Yanni & Leah! Ugh I wish someone (or I) brought a tripod so that we can have a decent group picture hahaha