Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a while, La Mesa Ecopark

I forgot when was exactly the last time I visited this park (maybe 4-6 years ago?) so I always ask my parents to go there again to see if there's anything new. And since I have a new requirement for photography, I told them that the park is the exact place I need for shooting. Hahahaha wise, eh?

As expected, the place is greener than ever! Trees all over the pace, flowers blooming everywhere and people wandering around enjoying the fresh air. Though I got a lot of mosquito bites so don't forget to use insect repellant lotion if you go there.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Golden hour x Fun shoot: Mall of Asia

Last week, our photography prof gave us our very 1st plate so we decided to have a fun shoot at Mall of Asia. I felt really excited because I thought we're going to ride the MOA eye (it's on my 2013 bucketlist and I just can't wait to cross it out) lol. We didn't able to try it though but I definitely had a great time with them!

Say hi to my ever so lovely friends (Chummy, Leah, Eira, Yooan & Derrick)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mano Po, San Roque festival: Valenzuela City

It's not my 1st time to experience the festival, actually, we watch the parade every year! My mother was from Valenzuela so we have relatives there. Hahaha

In their city, San Roque is known as the Patron Saint of the unmarried so devotees from different parts of the country (& even foreigners) join the "Sayawan sa Calle" hoping to find their true love.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exploring Historical Churches in Bulacan

Bulacan will always be famous for different historical sites that can be found there. So last Visita Iglesia, my family decided to go to Bulacan (on the day itself) without any plans. We're only armed with mobile internet to search on Google Maps for directions!

Barasoain Church

Also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish

I’ve heard/read a lot about this church but it was actually my 1st time to visit. According to wikipedia, this church earned the titles “Cradle of Democracy in the East”, “Most important religious building in the Philippines” & “Site of the 1st Philippine Republic”.