Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I actually feel bad about neglecting this blog so much. Maybe I lost my passion to write last year since a lot of things happened and I've been to many places as well that I can't juggle life, work, & blogging anymore :( Fortunately, I missed sharing stories & photos so here I am trying to catch up!

So last year, I
- Quit my first job (and..)
- Found a new job. I am currently a homebased graphic designer working for a company based in Australia
- Opened my first Instagram shop (but can't update it now because I'm still looking for new products that I can sell)

And new places I've been to (which reminds me that I also need to update the Bucketlist section of my blog):

- Baler, Aurora (surfed for the first time!)

- Boracay Island

- San Juan, La Union

- Hong Kong

- Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur

I will probably make an individual blogs for these trips. Hopefully I can post them asap so I will be able to write and share my recent trips already! 💖

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