Friday, April 6, 2018

Baler, Aurora: 2D1N in the "Birthplace of Surfing in the Philippines"

Baler is a 6-hour drive from Manila but it took us almost 9 hours since we went on a long holiday and the expressway was practically packed. We left at around 3 am and arrived past noon, but because we weren't able to book a hotel/room beforehand, we had to look for a place to stay first
We were only staying for one night so we immediately drove around Baler to visit as many places as possible.



Check in
We rented a room at ALOBAJ COTTAGES (we were actually the first occupant!). It was huge, comfy and definitely clean! The owners were very accommodating too.

This one is a very famous attraction in Baler. Being a scaredy-cat, I failed to cross the bridge lol! It was old and damaged planks were really evident! People were also jumping and running so imagine how I panicked! Hahahahah! Though I think it is safe since they collect "donations" to maintain the bridge.

The hill served as the safe high ground for the residents of Baler during the 1735 tsunami. It was said that only a few families were able to climb the hill in order to survive and thousand of lives were lost. Today, it is considered one of the significant attractions when visiting Baler. A flight of stairs in Ermita Hill leads to a giant cross and impressive views.

Driving back to Sabang Beach, we passed by Diguisit Falls (yes, it is on the side of the road!). People can climb beside the cascading waters & rocks to reach the main falls. Unfortunately, we left our swimming attires in our room so we just took photos.

Just across the falls is the beach where a few resorts are also situated. Another impressive sight here are the massive rock formations!

We went back to our room to refresh then walked along Sabang Beach to get dinner. Since the area is considerably developed, there are a number of shops and restaurants so it was not hard to find a place to eat. We ended the day full and just watched the beautiful sunset.


Time to catch some waves! Lol! We woke up really early to watch the sunrise and stroll along the boulevard. A lot of locals were offering surf lessons and me and my brother decided to give it a go.

After a very tiring yet fun experience, we freshened up and packed our stuff. Before leaving the surf town, we first headed to the local museum where several historical artifacts and artworks were preserved.

We left our car parked near the museum and decided to just walk for a few minutes going to Doña Aurora Ancestral House. Doña Aurora is the wife of former president Manuel L. Quezon and the province was actually named after her!

At Maria Aurora, the town next to Baler, is the famous 600-year-old Balete Tree. I'm not sure if the photos below can justify how gigantic and impressive the tree is. Tourists can even walk inside though we weren't able to do that since there was a long queue.

There are a few more attractions that we missed during this trip so we will surely go back to this province. 2 days and 1 night is enough to experience Baler's charm but I suggest to do a 2-night trip to fully enjoy and see the rest of the town.

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