Thursday, November 10, 2016

Morong, Bataan: Morong Beach

Hello! I know I've been inactive for months but fortunately, I have something to write about now plus I can explain why I was busy lately. Well, I am part of the millennial workforce for 2 months already haha! So far, I can still handle the stress but having work on a saturday is too draining for me huhu.

Now on to something good: I just got back from the holidays (Halloween, All Saints & All Souls Day) which my family spent on the beach. Actually, same weekend last year, we were on the beach too but it was part of my thesis. This year, the trip was completely spontaneous. We left the house at 10:00 am without any plans on where we were going! I was searching for a nice beach weekend getaways while we were on the highway and my slow mobile data wasn't helping lol. Finally, we chose Morong beach- it's 174 km from Manila, not that far but still an enjoyable long ride.

The sand in Morong beach is grayish (though it may look whiter in photos) and fine, making it perfect for walking barefoot! The beach stretch is lined up with hotels and resorts offering various accommodations & water activities.
We checked-in at Coralview Beach Resort and had a very relaxing overnight stay. The place is huge and there are a lot of amenities including pools, courts & restaurant plus their staff were friendly. Random confession: I may love going to the beach (& a frequent beach-goer) but I don't usually go in the water hehe. I prefer the resorts' pools so I always make sure that the place we choose has one.
Sunsets are too beautiful!
All these photos were taken using my entry-level phone hence the quality. Like I said, the trip was so unplanned that I wasn't able to charge my camera beforehand lol. 
Now, I'm counting the days till the next long weekend!

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