Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zoobic Safari!

I've always wanted to visit Zoobic Safari as a kid (if we consider a 6th grader a kid haha). I can still remember them promoting their close encounter with tigers where visitors can ride a totally-secured vehicle and drive around the cage.
8 long years later, I was browsing MetroDeal's website and saw that there was a discount for Zoobic! It was just perfect since long weekend was also coming.

We reached the zoo after around 2.5 hours of driving. The weather was pretty bad on our way there, the rain was pouring heavily while we were on the highway. Fortunately, it stopped when we arrived and we started the tour right away.
This miniature horse was asking for a photo,
So here you go! Hahaha
Some of their attractions were closed when we visited due to unpredictable weather that week but we still saw and experienced the park's highlights!
It was my first time to see tigers that close and I even touched its paws! Wish I could go back when the weather's perfect and see all the attractions we missed that time.

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