Monday, August 15, 2016

CEBU Day 3: Swimming with whale sharks & Rock/Waterfalls climbing

I understand now why Cebu is famous to both foreign and local tourists, this province is the total package! I know we weren't able to visit ALL its attractions but for the whole 3 days, we were able to experience a historical/ cultural tour around the city, climbed a mountain, saw a very rich marine life, chased waterfalls, swam with whale sharks and even did a combination of rock and waterfalls climbing!

Swimming (or snorkeling haha) with whale sharks (Oslob, Cebu)
This is a must-visit destination in Cebu. Our guide told me that all year round, there are a lot of tourists so there's no specific "peak season" but of course, summer is still the most crowded time!

Sumilon Island sandbar
After the amazing experience of swimming with the whale sharks, we transferred to a bigger boat to reach the breathtaking Sumilon sandbar. We're so lucky that there were only 2 or 3 groups that time and the place wasn't crowded!
How can you resist that white sand?
Photo by: Mina
Photo by: Kate

Rock/Waterfalls climbing at Aguinid Falls (Samboan, Cebu)
I have to say that I did conquered a lot of fears during our trip to Cebu especially here in Aguinid Falls! We literally climbed steep rocks and waterfalls!
 It was challenging but our guides were very strong and skilled plus bathing in the falls was such an unforgettable experience and definitely worth the trek and climbing.
Surely a life-changing trip. Thank you Cebu, we love you! And watch our adventures here, videos edited by Mina and me respectively.

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