Monday, August 1, 2016

CEBU Day 2: Morning trek, Snorkeling & Chasing Waterfalls

Here's the continuation to my previous Day 1 post and our second day on the 6th best island in the world! Since we were so satisfied and happy with our trip, I would like to mention and thank Kuya Jojo for arranging our South Cebu adventures. His team were responsible from all the things we did that you'll see starting from this blog post hahaha. So if you guys plan to visit Cebu and go on adventures, my friends and I gladly recommend him!

Osmena Peak (Dalaguete, Cebu)
Our 2nd day started very early- we were picked up at 6:00 am from where we were staying in the city and had more than 2 hours ride going to our first destination. We arrived in Dalaguete before 5:00 am and we had to stay inside the van for a while because it was too foggy yet. The trek was an easy one but considering that we're (especially me) "couch" people, we got exhausted easily hahaha but fortunately, our guides were so patient!
The fog still covered the view by the time we reached the summit but our tour guides' photography skills were so awesome! They were also enthusiastic about taking our photos so we had plenty of great shots.

We look like a "band" in these photos! I even uploaded one photo on instagram and captioned it with "Osmena band" hahaha! 
It was too cold already before our climb and it became even colder when the rain started pouring while we were at the summit. But we safely descended and the rain also stopped so we finally saw the beautiful scenery.
Pescador Island (Moalboal, Cebu)
After dropping our bags in our accommodation, we changed into swimming clothes and went to Pescador Island! We had the small boat all to ourselves and our guides. Ha, perks of travelling off-season!
Right now while editing and browsing through our photos, I noticed that we don't have much pictures as we were too eager to snorkel! Hahaha
That's our tour guide, wish I know how to dive and swim like him. And I've never seen such rich marine life! Another few minutes of boat ride led us to Turtle Point but unfortunately, we failed to see them :( Our next destination was the Sardines Run and it was beyond my imagination! Of course I expected that there will be lots of sardines but they were way too many compared to what I pictured.
These photos are screenshots from videos recorded by our tour guides. I'm pretty sure they were the one holding the camera because all of us can't go that deep and record them that close!
I'm not sure if the photos will give justice to what we saw down there, it was both scary and amazing.

Kawasan Falls (Badian, Cebu)
A.k.a. the most pictured and instagrammed falls here in Cebu! Kawasan falls has three levels and requires a pretty long trek to get to the first one. It was a little tiring but seeing the blue green waters along the way is very calming.
When we reached level two, we had lunch by the waters, relaxed and watched kids jumping and swimming around. My favorite part was actually the third level. It was very very very clean and very very very cold! I even wondered why there weren't many people swimming but after dipping a few minutes, I realized that it was hard to stay for too long because of the cold! Hahaha
We went back to level two and used the bamboo raft to feel the falls' "relaxing" pressure! But it hurts! You can watch the video recorded and edited by my friend Kate to see that waterfalls moment and the rest of our trip.

Vitamin C -ebu from Kate Pascual on Vimeo.

I'll blog about our Day 3 adventures next week (we swam with whale sharks and did some rock climbing-and-trekking waterfalls experience!) and hopefully include another video edited by Mina. And I still can't believe it has been 2 weeks since we went there huhu take me back!

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