Monday, July 25, 2016

CEBU Day 1: Unplanned little tour around the city

If you're following me on instagram, you'll know that I recently went to Cebu (also known as the 6th best island in the world according to the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, as seen on their website) with my college buddies. It was our first time going on a trip together that requires a plane ride. Hahaha. On our original booking, we were supposed to leave Manila on July 18, 7:00 pm but our flight got cancelled and we had no choice but to sleep on the airport! We rebooked our flight to 7:00 am the following day and again, it got delayed.... And finally, after waiting for almost 20 hours on the airport, we boarded and arrived in Cebu at 2:00 pm. 

Weeks before our trip, my friend Mina got us a 2-day tour package but because our schedule got mixed up, we got a free whole afternoon to explore the city! After we checked-in on our hotel, we hurriedly searched on how we can get to the iconic locations near our place.

Magellan's Cross

It is a famous historical and religious site found in front of Cebu City Hall. The original cross that Magellan planted in Cebu to symbolize the arrival of Christianity in the province is enclosed in that wooden cross for preservation.
(That's the four of us! Photo above from Tara)

Fort San Pedro
Just a few minutes of walk across Magellan's cross is Fort San Pedro in Plaza Indepedencia. It also witnessed great history dating back from 1565.
And for our dinner, which was also part of our original plan, we headed to

Larsian sa Fuente or Larsian BBQ
It's like an open food market full of bbq from meat to seafood. You just have to choose what you want to eat and they'll cook it for you. They also serve their famous rice wrapped in woven coconut leaves called "Puso" (heart in english).
Look at the variety of food choices!
Before heading back to our hotel, we went to Taboan Public Market to buy dried goods (their famous danggit, pusit and dried mango) for pasalubong. We were picked up at 3:00 am the following day to start on our South Cebu adventures! Even thinking about the experience made me feel really really happy and crave for more adventures. Will post about our day 2 and 3 on the next couple of days. 

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