Tuesday, July 5, 2016

001 @mariellegnzls photodump

I'm starting this instagram photodump thing-y partly because I haven't been anywhere lately so I really don't have anything to blog about (huhu) and also I just love instagram so much! Here are some photos and life updates from a couple of months ago.
3rd row: Baccalaureate Mass is one of UST's much-awaited events yearly and this 2016 was our turn to be the students celebrating it! There were fireworks, holy mass, lighting of candles, writing on uniforms and a lot more lasts moments. I shed a tear that night during the fireworks huhu it was so sad to leave the university that became my home for 8 years but it was also great that I was finally graduating. You can watch the 60-second video I made here. Watching it still gives me the feels.

2nd row: Solemn Investiture/ Graduation rites! That was me and our college-dean-slash-my-thesis-adviser. That book in the video was the product of my thesis. Remember all the beaches I blogged about? Well, there they are! Watch it here!

1st row: That was my dad on one of the beaches I went to for my thesis haha I posted that last fathers' day. Lately, my family enjoys going on highway stopovers just to eat and relax. I don't know about others but I have this weird thing about highways, it reminds me and makes me want to go on long drives. That first photo was taken last Sunday on one of stopovers we frequently visits. 

I've been doing adult-ing stuff lately like applying for government papers and browsing job openings online. And in between those things, I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Game of Thrones! I'm trying to make the most of my remaining free days before I enter the employed life! Hahaha

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