Friday, June 10, 2016

Batangas Beaches: Nasugbu, Matabungkay & Laiya

This is my last thesis-related post as I combined all the remaining beaches into a single entry so this is going to be quiet long but full of photos!


Nasugbu is actually a famous municipality in Batangas for its stunning natural attractions despite its close distance from Manila including the coves with white sand beaches.
We went there without reserving or booking online so we had a chance to visit different beach resorts. The first beach photo and the one above were from Munting Buhangin Beach Camp. The sand is fine white and the water is clear but we're not into its accommodations. We then headed to Canyon Cove Beach Resort were we stayed overnight.
Since Nasugbu faces the west, the sunset is really breathtaking here!


Even before Nasugbu got famous, Matabungkay Beach, which is located in the municipality of Lian, was the original favorite summer destination.
The place is famous for its "balsa", a bamboo floating raft that visitors can rent for a whole day.
There are a lot of resorts, rooms & cottages for rent here! We chose Matabungkay Beach Hotel and had an awesome 2 day-stay. 

Laiya Beach

Whenever my friends ask me to suggest a nice and cheap beach destination close to Manila, I always say Laiya. Its 7-kilometer white sand plus tons of water activities make the place really ideal for friends.
Everyone's favorite: Banana boat!
See that long beautiful stretch of fine sand? That is why I love Laiya! Btw, Laiya is located in the municipality of San Juan. 

Doing my thesis gave me an opportunity to discover stunning beaches near Manila and no regrets to that! Honestly, I wasn't able to enjoy some of them since I always had to shoot and think of stuff to write for my thesis but the experiences were really unforgettable! I hope one day, I could go back to these destinations with nothing to think of and just relax to my heart's content. 

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