Sunday, December 11, 2016

Antipolo, Rizal: Cloud 9 Resort & Hotel

Ever since I was a kid, my grandparents always picked me up from school and even when I started college, they were just one text away whenever I needed a ride. I can say I'm super close to them that I still sit on my grandma's lap haha! And now that I'm working, I've been wanting to treat them out, so last Sunday, we attended mass at Antipolo and ate lunch at Cloud 9 (they are currently making buzz on facebook because of their overlooking location and their famous hanging bridge!).

Since it was lunch time, the ambiance was not that good because the restaurant has open-air ventilation but after the food was served, I already forgot about the hot weather and just indulged on their delicious food! Btw, they serve filipino food and it was reallyyyyy great!
And of course, we went to the hanging bridge after we finished our meal. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I have a huge fear of heights!!! Even calm rides like ferris wheels scare me so much! And that bridge was beyond intense for me! I was convinced that I'd go back even if we haven't reached the middle yet but after a lot of verbal motivations from my little cousin, I survived! Hahaha! Look at bridge from above:

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Scary, I know! But the view above is amazing!
I'd love to go back here for dinner next time and enjoy the cold night air! 

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