Thursday, May 29, 2014

18 & Legal!

First of all, thank You Lord for 18 years full of love, support & happiness- hope You'll continue to bless me with these things in the future! 

Before buying my Macbook (parents' birthday gift to me), we agreed to not have a celebration anymore. But my grandpa said he can't let this birthday pass without a party even if it's just a simple one. My uncles decorated our garage first (it was beautiful already!!!) and when the people we hired to decorate the tables came, the place became more debut-y vibes lol

Some photos with the family, relatives & friends. I can't upload them all here because there were like 250+ photos!!!! But if you know me personally, go check my facebook.

And again, thanks for all those who helped in the preparation of my 18th birthday!!! Thank you po!

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