Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zac E

It's already the half of my summer vacation and I still haven't gone anywhere outside the city. Oh well, I expected this since we're still busy preparing for my mini & simple 18th birthday party in just 4 days (!!!!!). I was assigned to do a throwback AVP of myself (yes I know, this should be a surprise thingy for the celebrant but no one can do this besides me), invitation and even the tarpaulin design. Feeling artist e haha. And fortunately, I'm done with everything! 

I've been playing with Adobe Illustrator lately to improve my self-proclaimed skills. I must say that I really enjoy using pen tool and I think I can do anything with just that hahaha! And ta-da, here's Zac Efron everyone!!!!

By the way, my schedule for next semester was released last week and honestly, I am so disappointed.   I photoshop-ed it right away so it can be pleasant to look at, somehow. (Background photo not mine)

What I hate the most is 7am classes. I really find it hard to wake up way too early everyday! I also got Packaging as my elective for this sem, though I already decided to take Web Design but unfortunately,  I was late that day and wasn't able to secure a slot. 

Now I'm off to make a list of the things I'd like to do first when I turn 18!!!!!! 


  1. early classes can be a pain,, but at least you get out earlier and have the rest of the day class-free! thanks for stopping by sweetie :) the office move went well!

    1. Yes, I just need to look at the positive side :) Thanks :)

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