Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To Go Somewhere New

We heard mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage in Antipolo City this Sunday morning to thank God for my 18th birthday and ask Him to guide my uncle who's going back to Saudi soon to work there again. My grandpa's new car got blessed too. It's been a family tradition to go to this church for special reasons or occasions. 

As for the title, well I just figured out how much I want to learn how to drive because I always want to go somewhere new. I even included "get a driver's license" on my bucketlist! Hahaha

That's me posing and definitely NOT driving. Though I already told my dad to teach me this entire month. So hopefully, I'd gain even a tiny bit driving skill before school starts lol. I don't even know how to start a car yet!



  1. Happy belated birthday :) Good luck with driving, it took me ages to get the hang of but it feels so good to get yourself to places!

  2. Very nice Pics

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