Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mauban, Quezon: Cagbalete Island

Hello, I just passed my thesis defense and I'm back here blogging! As I mentioned before, I took photography for my thesis and my topic was about the beaches near Manila that my busy target market can easily go to because of its short distance so expect a few overdue posts of beaches haha.

Cagbalete Island is on the eastern part of Luzon, just a 40-minute sea travel off the mainland.
My parents. We were accompanied by strong waves but received warm welcome from the locals there.
Cagbalete Island is famous for its sculpture-like sanscape during low tide!!!
They said that your Cagbalete Island experience is not complete without going on a boat tour to visit their sandbar and other attractions but unfortunately, we weren't able to see those because the weather wasn't that good when we visited. So I will make sure to definitely go back and experience everything Cagbalate has to offer!


  1. Oh wow, that low tide sand is really awesome! It looks like a really pretty place.