Monday, December 23, 2013

Remember December

School for this year has officially ended that's why I'm here posting a new blog entry! A lot of things happened to me this month and it's not even the end of December yet.
  • December 1: Sunday foodtrip with family @ Yellow Cab & Krispy Kreme then we went to Star City hehehe everything was unplanned 
  • Got a new phone! Yay for Samsung Galaxy S 
  • Threw a mini surprise for our high school friend
  • Dad's birthday dinner @ Max's
  • Christmas (Pizza) Party with my blockmates!!!!!!
  • Received a flower crown and pens from Lea <3
  • PASKUHAN!!!!! <3
Also, VSCO for Android is here! I've been waiting for a long time already and I just can't hide how excited I was when I saw this on Google Play. I downloaded it right away and started editing pictures. Hahaha look!

But even though I'm in the middle of Christmas break, our profs gave us a lot of projects/plates. I'll put them in a list so I won't forget anything :)

  • Visual metaphor plate (photography)
  • Black and white plate (photography)
  • UST folder design (design workshop)
  • Own product report (visual design)
  • Watercolor plates + prelims (figure drawing)
I dunno when should I start working on them 'cause my problem right now is.. what should I give myself for Christmas? Hahahaha