Thursday, October 24, 2013

For the next 4 months x Life

I enrolled for 2nd semester yesterday with daddy and was so surprised that it only took me less than 5 minutes to process everything. Everyone else also noticed that hassle-free enrollment, yay so proud of you UST! Got my schedule for the next 4 months a.k.a. 2nd sem.

I posted this on twitter then my friends noticed the simple design right away. They were like "naks walang triangle/galaxy =))))))) #NotTooHipster #Pastel" and "Bat walang galaxy? Hahaha!!" Oh come on guys, you know I do make designs WITHOUT using galaxies & triangles sometimes hahahaha!

I'm not sure what to feel about my new sched. I mean I really hate 7 am classes, but after two consecutive semesters, I don't have Saturday classes anymore! I was also wishing for a night sched 'cause Christmas lights were already up around the campus, I'm telling you it is really magical <3 Oh well, I can't do anything to change it :(

By the way, there were small happenings that I wasn't able to blog these past few weeks because of my final exams but here are they:

1. Dakasi's Roasted Charcoal milk tea topped's list of best milk tea in Manila and I just had to try it. Went to Trinoma with friends but then they told me that there's a branch of Dakasi just outside our campus lol. Obviously, I ordered Roasted Charcoal and loved it haha though my friends kept on saying that it tasted charcoal- literally and in a bad way.

2. Second BGC date with these people <3 (2nd photo from Leah) Just kidding, we went there to shoot for our Photography class' final requirements. Leah also treated us at Krispy Kreme then we got free honey glazed doughnuts for answering their survey haha lucky us!

3. Our 6th year of joining the La Naval Procession. We were actually required to join every year during high school but I still continue this tradition with my family even after graduating.

Right now, I'm still figuring out how to be productive this sembreak. Hope you guys are enjoying yours! :)


  1. lovely photos, wow in your place they decorate Christmas so soon 'O'

    1. Yes, you can even hear Christmas songs everywhere. Thanks! :)

  2. Lovely pictures!
    Looks like you have a busy schedule :p
    I also played badminton in the past :)
    What do you study? Cause I also have a course called Visual design :p
    You've got a new follower ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm taking up Advertising Arts, how 'bout you? :)

  3. super!!:) xo

  4. WOW! I can't believe it took u a mere 5 minutes to enroll!! San Beda Alabang should take notes from UST *ahem ahem* it took us 5 hours to enroll because of the glitches in our system lol.

    Lovely photos though :)

    1. It was actually my 1st time to experience a hassle-free enrollment in my 6 years of stay in UST! Hahahaha maybe next time it'll be easier too in San Beda haha :) Thank you :)

  5. love your blog :)

  6. great pictures, you're studying some great stuff.

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