Thursday, May 29, 2014

18 & Legal!

First of all, thank You Lord for 18 years full of love, support & happiness- hope You'll continue to bless me with these things in the future! 

Before buying my Macbook (parents' birthday gift to me), we agreed to not have a celebration anymore. But my grandpa said he can't let this birthday pass without a party even if it's just a simple one. My uncles decorated our garage first (it was beautiful already!!!) and when the people we hired to decorate the tables came, the place became more debut-y vibes lol

Some photos with the family, relatives & friends. I can't upload them all here because there were like 250+ photos!!!! But if you know me personally, go check my facebook.

And again, thanks for all those who helped in the preparation of my 18th birthday!!! Thank you po!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zac E

It's already the half of my summer vacation and I still haven't gone anywhere outside the city. Oh well, I expected this since we're still busy preparing for my mini & simple 18th birthday party in just 4 days (!!!!!). I was assigned to do a throwback AVP of myself (yes I know, this should be a surprise thingy for the celebrant but no one can do this besides me), invitation and even the tarpaulin design. Feeling artist e haha. And fortunately, I'm done with everything! 

I've been playing with Adobe Illustrator lately to improve my self-proclaimed skills. I must say that I really enjoy using pen tool and I think I can do anything with just that hahaha! And ta-da, here's Zac Efron everyone!!!!

By the way, my schedule for next semester was released last week and honestly, I am so disappointed.   I photoshop-ed it right away so it can be pleasant to look at, somehow. (Background photo not mine)

What I hate the most is 7am classes. I really find it hard to wake up way too early everyday! I also got Packaging as my elective for this sem, though I already decided to take Web Design but unfortunately,  I was late that day and wasn't able to secure a slot. 

Now I'm off to make a list of the things I'd like to do first when I turn 18!!!!!! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catching Up

I thought I would be able to post more interesting stuff this summer but as always, I'm stuck here at home doing random but not-so productive things. I went out with friends last month and spent all my money so I don't have any choice now but to stay indoors. Also, no vacation plans for the family because I recently asked for a Macbook, incoming enrolment for me and my brother plus a simple 18th birthday. Meaning, we don't have any remaining budget for vacations huhu dad said we'll just go next year. 

Photos above are my recent posts on my ig @mariellegnzls (shameless plugging, i know haha)
  • I can't resist red velvet cupcakes ugh
  • Dad's love for fishes suddenly came back so he set up 2 big aquariums on our living room
  • I've been staying really late (until 4am sometimes) lately and I have the laptop & instant noodles as my date every night
  • Swimming with my high school friends! I missed them so much
  • Tried Don-day's (korean restaurant) famous samgyeopsal at Maginhawa
  • Got chocolates from my tito who just came home from Saudi
There's still 2 months of vacation and I hope I can still go somewhere new or do something more interesting than watching dramas online. Well, let's see!