Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ˣ PSKHN 2014 ˣ

Paskuhan is an annual Christmas celebration in our university where there's free food, local bands and this year, they included a DJ too. It's already my 8th time though I almost missed it! Since we changed our academic year, this year's paskuhan was held during our Christmas vacation (usually, it was on the last day of classes) and at first, I was too lazy to go out. Fortunately, my high school friends persuaded me and I didn't regret going. Paskuhan never fails to amaze me.

I rarely bring my dslr with me nowadays specially I just bought a gopro. I find it soooo much easier to carry and use though nothing can compare to a dslr's quality! And yes, those are my ever-so reliable high school friends. But of course I also want to spend time with my college friends, maybe I'll be able to attend next year's paskuhan with them to think that it'll (hopefully) be our last as students haha.

PASKUHAN FIREWORKS!!!!! Lol my shot didn't even gave justice to how amazing it was. But as I always, I really had a great time and decided that I will never ever think of missing next years Paskuhan because of my laziness hahahaha!