Friday, September 19, 2014

Just Like The Real One

Uni kept me really busy for the past weeks and literally gave me no time to sleep and for blogging as well. And this week was no exception though classes were suspended today so here I am updating you with my latest plates.

Remember my M&M's packaging plate? Well it was just the first step. I had it printed on a glossy paper and assembled it to make it look like a real product and fortunately, my professor loved it and gave me a perfect grade (though I forgot to take a picture and it's ruined now :()

For the next plate, we're asked to make a tetra pak design for any fruit juice. I chose Tropicana!
And a mock up version:

Does it look appealing and real to you? Hahaha (Credits to the owners of the fruits (photos) I used.)
PS. I made a new logo for myself!


  1. I looks real pro! A definite yes for me. You are doing a great job!

  2. You put this together? Wow that's awesome, it definitely looks professional!

  3. Pretty awesome package design c: Good job!
    It's really appealing ^_^ Xx

  4. That is just incredible!! I can't believe you made that. I miss Tropicana (it isn't sold here in Australia)