Thursday, August 21, 2014

For the love of chocolates

I'm taking up Packaging design right now for my elective class and for our first plate, our prof asked us to make 3 new designs for our chosen chocolate/candy. I chose M&M's cause who doesn't love and crave these chocolate candies?

The first design is limited to the original elements already in the packaging so I just rearranged everything. Then for the next two designs, we were allowed to add more objects and completely change the look and feel of the design.

I manually typed everything in the back portion and it was really hard to read those small words! I also didn't remove the character because it complements the design really well.

We also have this course called "Trade & Promo Design". There, we made a special pack with promo for a local chips. I used Clover chips and included a free reusable container. It was also my first time to make a mock-up plate. NOTE: This is not a legit promo, I just made it up. I am seriously enjoying our courses right now becuase I'm really into digital art. I love making layouts for posters, flyers and everything in between.


  1. I really like the blue wrapper! You did such a good job on those! :)

  2. I definitely have so much interest in product/packaging design, but right now I've finished my fashion design, which is my passion as well, but it's never too late to try all out, right?

    I love the last one, I would pretty much buy it not only cause of it's taste, but great packaging (really, I had that time I collected packaging!)

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :)

    1. Wow I would also take fashion design if I just had the time, money and courage hahaha! Good luck on that field, hope you'll excel! :)

  3. Packing design? How cool is that! It looks so cool :)