Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There's Always A First Time

After almost 4 months of inactivity, I got a new laptop and I’m here to catch up with all the blogs I missed. And since I’ve been out for months, I’d like to list down all the highlights of my year so far in this entry. It’s not even the half of the year but I already feel so blessed and I hope this will continue until, maybe, forever? Hahaha

Heavy text and photo post ahead!


WE EXPLORED THE PROVINCE OF RIZAL IN ONE DAY. We have this “travel” plate for photography class so we decided to go explore some new place. Luckily, one of my block mates invited us to join them in touring around Rizal. We went from Binangonan, Cardona, Morong, Tanay & Baras to Antipolo City. I can’t believe that we were able to visit 5 historical churches, farm, parks, climbed a lighthouse and rode a small boat! Too bad all the photos were in my old laptop that died but I saved some for my photography plates. 

JOINED MY FIRST EVER FUN RUN. And also, it was a run for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

GOT MY 50MM “DREAM” LENS. I’ve been eyeing this lens for years already because of its bokehlicious f1.8 aperture and continuously trying but failing to save money to buy one. Actually, I did saved some but it was not enough but thankfully my parents shouldered the remaining! My 50mm lens rarely leaves my camera now hahaha --> Photo from Bianca

CHINESE NEW YEAR PHOTOWALK WITH MY FRIENDS. It was my first time in Binondo (Chinatown) and I thought I became a chinese girl even just for a day hahaha. So we technically celebrated Chinese New Year there, tried the famous fried siopao and took lots of photos. It was also my first time to go photowalk-ing with only Leah & Mina but I’m so happy ‘cause we have almost-exactly the same interests.


FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. This side of photography is really really really interesting for me but this was actually the first time I shoot food for grades and fortunately, the results were good. *I'll make a separate blog post about this one*

FINALLY TRIED ISCREAMIST DRAGON’S BREATH SMORES. You have to dip it in a liquid nitrogen and there’ll be smokes coming from your mouth and even nose while eating it! We also tried their ice cream and can I just say it was sooooo delicious but quite pricey BUT totally worth it! 
<-- That's me! Photo from Bianca agan :)

^ Photos from Bianca
I HELPED BUILD A CLASSROOM. Our NSTP class went to Nueva Ecija to work on little construction and paint a classroom. It’s always a dream of mine to do something like this and it really feels so good to finally did it. We also played with grade 1 students there; maybe someday I’ll go back and see those children already grew up well.


WE SURVIVED OUR VD FINALS. Our final requirement for Visual Design is to choose an existing local product, make print ads, tv commercial and radio ad for it. Then we have to present and defend it in class. Our prof there was quiet a terror so we were all nervous. But thank God we got a high grade! Maybe I'll make a post for this one and I'll show you guys our print ads and tv commercial :)

 MY FIRST EVERY CONCEPTUAL SHOOT. This was also a final requirement for Photography. I chose the “hippie hippie” concept with all the flower crowns and other hipster props. And thankfully, I didn’t have a hard time finding models ‘cause I have these two pretty friends- haha hi there Leah and Bianca, thank you guys! *I'll make a separate blog post for this one*

COFFEE SHOP HOPPING. This was still our finals week so we had a group study at Cafe De Seoul. Obviously, it was a korean-inspired coffee shop in Taft. I think we overstayed there ‘cause the ambiance is so perfect for studying that we weren’t able to notice the time.Then we went to Cafe Noriter right after that haha we just catch up with each other (cause we just studied while we’re in Cafe De Seoul). Ahhh I really love coffee shops!


April is still here for me to enjoy and do more things (but for a start, I got my Macbook Pro this month!!!!). I can’t wait for more first-time experiences coming.


  1. wow great photos from your great life =)
    keep blogging!