Monday, September 9, 2013

Moonleaf Love

For our Visual Design plates, we're asked to choose a product and create a poster for it. I chose Moonleaf because I love their Wintermelon Milk Tea! Haha! (Moonleaf is a local tea place that offers delicious freshly-brewed tea- check their website for more).

The 1st plate is under the "Heavy copy layout" category wherein the poster contains a lot of words or information about the product/brand. By the way, I got ALL the info from their website.

Got a grade of 96 for this one! :)

This 2nd plate is Mondrian-inspired. I don't like the result that much because first, I ran out of white poster paint so I didn't able to produce the color I want and second, I crammed this plate. Though my prof gave me a grade of 90 so I'm still thankful.

Our next requirement is a "frame layout" and I used Moonleaf again. I'll post the final work next time since I'm still working on it! :)