Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Your Local

Your Local is the place where you can fully satisfy your unique tastebuds. Every dish they have is a mix of unexpected ingredients that flatters each other. The restaurant is a little obscured in the busy street of Esteban at Salcedo Village, Makati City-but you can easily find it by just consulting the ever trustworthy Google Maps ('cause that's what we did haha!).
That black door is the main entrance of the restaurant. But don't get tricked with the simplicity of their exteriors because everything inside is fine-looking.
They also have very accommodating staff. They gave us the menu in a folder clip (photo above) and left so we can choose our orders well.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

For the love of chocolates

I'm taking up Packaging design right now for my elective class and for our first plate, our prof asked us to make 3 new designs for our chosen chocolate/candy. I chose M&M's cause who doesn't love and crave these chocolate candies?

The first design is limited to the original elements already in the packaging so I just rearranged everything. Then for the next two designs, we were allowed to add more objects and completely change the look and feel of the design.

I manually typed everything in the back portion and it was really hard to read those small words! I also didn't remove the character because it complements the design really well.

We also have this course called "Trade & Promo Design". There, we made a special pack with promo for a local chips. I used Clover chips and included a free reusable container. It was also my first time to make a mock-up plate. NOTE: This is not a legit promo, I just made it up. I am seriously enjoying our courses right now becuase I'm really into digital art. I love making layouts for posters, flyers and everything in between.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant

I think a lot of food adventurers in Manila already heard of this cute korean cafe and restaurant. And just like them, we'd like to try the food there as soon as possible. So after a stressful week in college, me and my adventure buddies (mina & leah) decided to finally try it.

We rode the jeep from UST to Vito Cruz station and started walking from there. We don't have any idea where the place is so as usual it was another walk-aton hahaha (well, getting lost is one of our goals naman so okay lang haha). We asked the security guards around if they know the place and unfortunately, they don't. Our one last option, the internet, saved us! Haha we found someone who blogged about this place and after another minute of walking, we found it!

It is located on a second floor of a green & white building in P. Ocampo St. 
The place screams "KOREA!" with its ambiance, food and even the music! It's quiet spacious with cute teddy bears in every corner. Sorry for the photo quality, I came unprepared and just brought my phone :(
Here's the food that we ordered and yes, I think it's quiet pricey but there's a free soup and kimchi when you order a gimbab (though I'm not sure with their other menu) AND IT'S GOOD!

I am definitely recommending this place for those people who loves korean food plus it's a good location if you want to study too! Hope you'll also enjoy this cafe and restaurant :)

I'm going to post more food escapades in the future with more high quality photos :) Happy eating!