Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friends friends friends

It's almost finals week! I have tons of things to do from research papers + interviews to plates for different courses. I just can't wait for sembreak to start that's why I'm doing my best with these last requirements so I can just relax when grades come out. Hahahaha

Just a quick update about my life lately through instant photos <3

09182013: Yellow day to support our players (UST) against Ateneo in a do-or-die game for the final four!
Hi there friends (Junice, Yanni, Leah, Eira, Me, Bianca, Chummy & Czandra) We had a hard time finding someone to take these pictures because everyone's hands were so dirty with charcoal hahahaha

09212013: Micka's 18th Birthday celebration!
She only found out that she's having a party week before (I think) so she told us about this only days before the event. All of us wasn't able to buy a gift :( Though it's okay with her hahahahaha maybe we'll just give her something next week.
My favorite high school girlies <3 (L-R Me, Marion, Micka & Jena)

Best stress reliever ever! Hahaha <3

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All for the love of Instax camera

I finally bought an Instax Mini 8 last week (09062013) using my own savings! I'm so happy that I was able to cross another item on my 2013 bucket list.

I chose the pink one because I'm so girly lol but seriously, pink will forever be my 1st choice! My mom gave me extra money for the film 'cause my savings were for the camera only. 

And I won't forget to thank Leah & Czandra for accompanying me to the shop! You know I can't go there alone, I'm such a coward when it comes to commuting alone in crowded places. So right after buying, we asked the saleslady to take a picture of us.

Here are the other photos I recently took using my baby:

I actually bought a new pack of film yesterday + I'm waiting for the crystal case I ordered online to arrive. Yay for future adventures! <3

Monday, September 9, 2013

Moonleaf Love

For our Visual Design plates, we're asked to choose a product and create a poster for it. I chose Moonleaf because I love their Wintermelon Milk Tea! Haha! (Moonleaf is a local tea place that offers delicious freshly-brewed tea- check their website for more).

The 1st plate is under the "Heavy copy layout" category wherein the poster contains a lot of words or information about the product/brand. By the way, I got ALL the info from their website.

Got a grade of 96 for this one! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Quick shoot turned Family Sundate

I asked the family to accompany me yesterday for a quick shoot for my Photography class. We went to Roxas Blvd hoping for a beautiful sunset but I don't know why it wasn't as breathtaking as I expected. Though the sky still looks pretty against the calm waters.
So we just walked around and take random photos hahaha (1) Mom & Dad (2) Me, Mig & Mom
We intentionally waited for the dark to come 'cause I know night lights look really good in photographs plus this time, I brought my tripod. It was also my first time to shoot cityscape at night! The shots just blew me away (lol I hope my prof will like them hahaha)
Unplanned bonga dinner. Just imagine eating delicious food while overlooking the sea!!!!!!!!! Hay can we please do this once a week? Hahahaha
Can't wait to upload all my favorite shots! Check my Flickr for more :)