Monday, November 24, 2014

The break I deserve

No, it's not a relationship kind of break but a solid one-month break from college! The last weeks of it were hell and I didn't get a proper sleep for so many days. That also explains my absence from blogging. I really regret that I posted just one entry each month last September and October, and that would probably happen this November too. But the tables have turned 'cause I have all my time this December!

By the way, I got my dream GoPro camera last last week and I absolutely love it! It's the Hero 2014 version (the entry-level one). But the files are too large, I consumed almost 9gb for just a day... so I might as well save money for an external hard drive. That's the next item on my to-buy list! Hahaha

That's a compilation video I took with my blockmates on our last day plus the opening of Paskuhan (it's like a Christmas concert/festival) lights on our University. Please watch it in 720p and it's better if you increase your screen's brightness hahaha

Our family is planning a trip to Baguio then Ilocos this December though nothing's concrete yet but I really do hope that we'll push through this plans. I don't want to waste this break rotting in my room surfing the net hahaha! But for now, I'll catch up with my favorite blogs, read books and watch series. Also, I revamped my instagram account. I deleted a lot and will just post rectangular-shaped photos in honor of my Gopro. Here's to a productive break!