Tuesday, July 22, 2014


School started a week ago but classes were already suspended twice because of Typhoon Glenda, hope everyone's safe! But this gives me more time to update my blog since I wasn't able to meet some of my professors and they weren't able to give us things to do hahaha *evil laugh*.

So, I noticed that my instagram is slowly turning into foodstagram. I'm like eating a lot or not eating at all, there's no in between. And fortunately, my family loves pizza too and it became a habit for us to go for a pizza at least once a week.

Shakey's Pizza 1954, Pizza Hut's, Yellow Cab's New York's Finest

See, it's like we're doing a pizza challenge for eating in different places but we don't have any particular reason. Hahaha and please tell me guys I'm not the only one who always take a picture of their food before actually eating it!

That photo in the middle was taken while I was at Krispy Kreme with my cousin right after we ate ramen & DQ's ice cream. Wow. Can't believe I'm still this thin. And right now, we're making plans on our next food trip! Hahahahahah WE LIVE TO EAT, WE EAT TO LIVE!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Show Your Work

If you read my previous post, you'll know that I applied at TomasinoWeb (online publication of our university) as a photographer but there's no result yet (or maybe I didn't qualify for the interview). For the first requirement though, they asked us to bring a creative portfolio. I really crammed this because I thought they'll just ask for a "link" not a printed one. I did everything -from designing to finding a place where they can print this- in just 2 days!

I decided to make a simple yet unique portfolio. This may look confusing at first because it's a 4-fold layout. It's the outside and inside part respectively. Printing cost me a total of P312.00 including the individual photos that I'll show you a little later in this post.

Luckily, my friend Lea suggested a shop that can print on large papers without damaging the quality! I got mine printed at XPrint Trinoma. The original size of my portfolio is 10x10", they don't have that size (as I expected) but they printed it on a 12x18" instead and cut it for me! And ta-da!

When you open it, you'll see my little bio and achievements (?) hehe

And for the highlight, you can open it again to see my shots!!!!!

Then I noticed it was a little boring leaving it like that, right? So I went to another shop to have my individual shots printed. Here they are:

Do you think my portfolio can grab people's attention? :)